Safety Tips to Remember on Your Next Cruise Ship Shore Excursion Chronicles

If you’re planning a cruise, you’ll want to know how to make sure that you’re safe. While the recent cruise ship disasters may make you think twice, there are many people who are enjoying their vacations without experiencing major problems. Whether you’re planning to take a day trip or an overnight excursion, there are a few safety tips to keep in mind.

Before boarding the ship, make sure that you’re in good physical condition. Alcohol and drugs can impair your judgment and make you more susceptible to injury or illness. Be sure to be aware of your own drinking limits and not exceed them. One cruise ship passenger recently nearly drowned after overserving himself. Additionally, make sure to be aware of potential trip hazards and report them to the cruise ship’s crew.

Know your limitations and do not sign up for activities you don’t feel comfortable with. It is also important to let your travel companions know what activities you’re comfortable with. Be sure to listen to the safety talk. These talks are meant to prevent injury and discomfort.

If you have allergies or special needs, make sure to pack enough medicine. Also, make sure to have a medical emergency kit with your prescriptions, photocopy of your passport, and a cell phone. Finally, remember to wash your hands regularly to avoid getting sick. Hand sanitizers are commonly placed throughout the ship.

Keep an eye on your valuables. Always keep them in a safe location. Never bring any extra items ashore that you don’t need. It’s also a good idea to leave them on the ship or in your stateroom safe. These safety tips will help you to enjoy your trip worry-free.

When planning your excursions, always plan ahead of time. Choose excursions that are appropriate for your physical abilities and schedule. If you have a hard time doing something physical on every excursion, you may want to skip that activity. Also, be sure to choose a shore excursion that suits your physical capabilities.

Another safety tip is to pay attention to the time. It’s imperative to check the time board the ship and when you’re in port. Many ships switch between local time and ship time. While it’s possible to change the time on the ship, it’s still better to listen to announcements and confirm the time.

If you’re traveling with your family or friends, it’s wise to go on the excursions together. In general, cruise ships try to follow CDC guidelines, which means they try to be as safe as possible. However, the standards of equipment differ among countries. For example, air-conditioned vehicles are highly preferred, but not always available. Some shore excursions may use open-air safari buses, taxis, or minivans. If possible, leave the ship as a group. This will ensure that the ground transportation staff can allocate space for everyone in the same vehicle.

Always remember to pack a large backpack or tote. It is essential to bring sunscreen and water bottles. If the excursion is located in a remote area, it may be far from the ship. A back-to-ship guarantee can help you avoid being stranded and ensure that you’re safe. If you’re unsure, check with the Excursion Desk for more information.